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  • KamakaziNES reply He isn't willing to even consider giving up an ill-planned, financially unviable hobby for the sake of fulfilling her biggest life-long desire, even though, with a little planning and effort, he could reasonably have both. He's not that into her. He's willing to give her up for something he doesn't care enough about to properly research.
  • cfandyd reply You have a message. Quit "fooling around" and tell us. "FOR THE PRESS": He's one of God@
  • Kekstro reply Aye, he is unwilling to sacrifice himself for his kids.
  • cfandyd reply I've seen a few of your vidme's. I liked them all, we all have hope for France. I was there once, with my brother; another story. I like the way you present yourself and what you believe. It is truly refreshing. I will agree your are on the right track if you agree your a bit off the turn.
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