Zealot Truck Attack in Stockholm, Sweden

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  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply "terrorism is just part of living in a big city, goyim"
  • Gariwald reply I'm French, and I've decided a few years ago to stop being respectful of other people's sensitivities about Islam. I am heavily handicapped, so I often meet medical personnels or workers since I can do anything for my house on my garden alone. I'm 35, atheist, I am able to speak reasonably well about anything with anyone because I'm interested by... Well everything. So, most of the time, the topic ends up about politics. When I was a teenager, I was friends with exclusively muslims. Instead they 90s already, my neighbourhood was mostly arab. And I was mostly considered "one of them". Once they will confident that they could trust me, Well I discovered their true opinions. Even the most "moderate", was a convinced hater of everything not muslim. Well you know what, all those people I've met those last few years ? I think that I have met maybe... Just 10%, who didn't hate muslims. But just like my teenage years Muslim friends, they need to hear you speak first. The Intellectual terr...moreorism is FIERCE. You can't even trust your own friends and family. Two years ago, I was discussing with my aunt, on Facebook. Her son, my cousin who was a gendarme (a sort of cop, but considered military), a guy I never met, came in the conversation to... Threaten me of having me arrested, because I was criticising Islamic immigration. "J'aimerai ne pas le faire mais si les messages ne sont pas retirés je le ferais et ça vous fera bizarre d'être entendu par les forces de l'ordre..." There is a sort of religion of fake misguided "tolerance", and the government isn't even the main enforcer. But once you start speaking with people alone, without peer pressure... The cracks appear. When I first met my current physiotherapist, a Spanish immigrant, the first thing she talked about with me is the rampant racism in old French people (I'm living in a rural area now, deep in the country, no need to explain why). Well two years later... She comes talking with me about how muslims are a bane for Europe. She even started speaking again with friends in Paris she considered "racist", because they complained about the muslim clientel...
  • [ – ] joystickjiggler reply We need truck control. Trucks keep attacking innocent people unprovoked.
  • cafeinus reply fun fact the keep ur door unlock in britain for exemple is mosly due to the type of construction of old house/buildings they got wooden carpetry and burn very fast it's a mean to escape fast :3
  • TheCastle reply One thing I think that really needs to be brought up is the implications when these terrorists move on from using cars to completely random targets in completely random locations. America would collapse in a couple weeks if some random truck stop or gas stations out in the middle of nowhere are suddenly struck by coordinated attacks. Beheadings and the like. America is a huge place and if these fuckers ever gain just a tiny little more intelligence we would be helpless to this kind of attack. It doesn't even have to be truck stops or gas stations. Just fucking attack someone's house in the suburbs. Grab a rifle put a someone in the trunk of a car and have them snipe a new person every day from the trunk of a car. Put a bomb in an apartment building. Start a forest fire for kicks. HOW THE FUCK COULD WE STOP THIS? It would be the end, and they wouldn't even need to kill themselves.
  • bnShadow13 reply I love BBC's video description of this event: "A lorry has driven into a store in central Stockholm, killing at least two people, Swedish police say..." Apparently, trucks can decide to drive themselves into crowds of people.
  • MidrangeKEK reply You can already hack most modern cars, CIA does it, and some people have already found backdoors. I'm talking non-auto pilot cars. Go ahead I'll wait while you youtube it and then go on craigslist for a 93'
  • MaxIzrin reply Could the Swedes be getting killpilled?
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