MAJIN BUU'S SNOOZE: TOEI'S FOLLY | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • DemonGroceryStore reply I don't mind that they're bringing Frieza back, but why did they have to bench Buu to make it happen. He's one of my favorite characters and one of the most powerful beings on the planet (next to the Saiyans). If Toei had to take someone out of the fight why not Tien, (I can believe keeping Roshi around simply for comic relief) why is he even there?
  • M00NLightNinja reply Masako your on Vidme now?
  • AnimangaNation493 reply We meant lessened hibernation cycle
  • AnimangaNation493 reply Very interesting this new buu should have a blessed hibernation cycle
  • TulaYouTube reply I have an anime channel here on Vidme, I hope they look over :)
  • ZanbonSen reply I'm perfectly fine subbing Buu out for [Spoiler]. Course, I say this as a big Buu hater (not enough to want him gone, but enough that if they can write him out, I'm fine with it). Just an opinion but I'm perfectly fine with this, but it does suck for Buu fans as Fit Buu was pretty awesome.
  • Nicky_mo reply Here's why I think #toei pulled majin buu, the entire thing is a bait and switch. Someone designed "fit" mr. buu, as I'll call it, that we saw before he fell asleep. With toei already planning to have buu fight in the tournament (hence the promo material with fat mr buu) but then they saw what they could do with fit buu. They could potentially try to bring him back as either a "new" villain, as super loved to do so much, or maybe even have him regain his love for fighting and have help Uub or just regularly protect earth. It could also end up being a plot point between him and Satan, with buu exposing satan for not actually being the champion of earth
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