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  • [ – ] IHE_Official reply Update: I have counter claimed their manual claim. I sent my lawyer the video and he confirmed that I am not infringing anything. I'm trying to contact them privately to resolve things peacefully but I've had no luck so far. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the video on if you didn't get a chance to see it!
  • [ – ] IBacon reply I don't know what's worse: Youtube pre-2010 or Youtube post-2010
    • [ – ] thedoctorand parent reply I'd say post 2010. Reply girls, Jinx-style reaction videos, forcing YouTubers to have a Google+ account to comment on YouTube, and the removal of so many features that made YouTube great. And, perhaps the worst thing about post 2010 YouTube: Jake Paul.
    • YuiH_ parent reply id say post 2010 is kinda worse only in the recent years to be honest
    • BrimDunkleton parent reply question of the century: old styled rant videos where people screamed and actually got mad at irrational things, or vlogs where people use shitty stock music and talk about the most useless shit ever.
    • SGWaS parent reply Post-2010, especially recently. YouTube Heroes, trusted flaggers, ADL partnership, demonetization blacklist, channels being taken down for linking to other sites, among other things. I may be a bit biased, since my YouTube account was terminated just for putting up a few 9/11 memes, some of my best work going down with it. Guess people can't take a joke. :/
    • AnubisAkaLee parent reply Personally, I'd go with post 2010 for a lot of reasons. Some of my favorite features being removed such as reply videos, channel customization (WHERE IS MY FREAKING CHANNEL SKIN?!) and rating a video with stars rather than a simply thumbs up or down being among them. The fact Youtube has NOBODY accountable for the false DMCA strikes is absolute garbage, as well.
    • Andy parent reply youtube pre 2010 was pretty chill man
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply I'd go with post-2010, and not just YouTube, but Newgrounds as well. (That is why I support Gnash, the GNU Flash Player.)
    • Psychohenni parent reply With the whole Jake Paul shite plus everyone and their mums releasing a disstrack nowadays, I gotta say post is worse
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Maybe both? lol.
    • 10danReviews parent reply expand (possible spam) Post 2010 Youtube's broken algorithm ruined alot of channels that lived off youtube (especially animation channels that worked off their animation) along with the stupid advertisement shit
    • rymotion1 parent reply There is no other way it could get worse. For now.
    • Springion parent reply Post 2010. I really don't want to see clickbait and Jake Paul videos in my feed....
    • ROFLCOPTER parent reply Both suck all the sweaty harry stupid fucked Up balls
  • [ – ] Burnout reply > YouTube
  • [ – ] RakkAnimate reply YouTube can't be bothered to actually fix the broken copyright system, but they can make a new logo? Seriously though, thanks for reuploading this
  • KinguKurimuzon reply Please keep uploading here. This site really needs some traffic.
  • [ – ] PerfectionTech reply Just think: Someone cared enough about this *valuable* intellectual property to file a claim.
  • [ – ] EquallyWorthless reply A billion views and I have never heard a word of it until now.
  • BrimDunkleton reply thank you for reuploading, i can now be fully erected again
  • [ – ] MysteryMii215 reply Fun fact: Loinsgate has also produced the following films: La La Land Hacksaw Ridge Norm of the North The Day After Tomorrow Crash Bratz The “Saw” franchise Alpha and Omega Mortdeci Gods of Egypt John Wick Rock Dog and the Power Rangers reboot.
  • BitFalcon reply Wait, you use I had no idea. Anyways, great vid
  • JamesQuinonez2 reply Why does the Gummy Bear's buttcrack go halfway up his entire back? It's fucking weird and gross
  • NolanMo reply Cant believe this was taken down on YouTube... -.-
  • VanguardAngel reply Thank the lord this place exists. Hopefully it doesn't crash and burn like YouTube. Please God learn from YouTube, Vidme! Also thank you very much for uploading here IHE!
  • sarah reply i can't believe you had to actually sit through this movie to make a detailed review about it. thank you for your sacrifice
  • thy_koosk reply Bless, IHE reuploaded
  • [ – ] teckworks reply Dude, that cat. I may have to draw her.
  • Quadra reply Congrats. You're the one who finally got me to make a vidme account.
  • TigerClawTV reply Loved it. Thanks for using vidme to stop YouTube from silencing talent
  • [ – ] Andy reply glad i can watch it here, youtube is going to hell
  • MadmanEpic reply Take refuge in the trenches of Vidme!
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