Why I Hate The LGBT Community

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  • [ – ] jeff4justice reply Nice to discover your channel. You seem like a thoughtful person Willow. That being said - to me, I don't see left vs right. I see statists who want to control others and that happens on both the so-called left and so-called right. Really, they're very much alike in their addiction to big-brother / nanny-state in order to use force to try to get their world view preferences to prevail. There's good and bad and in-the-middle among all groups.
    • [ – ] ComradeWillow parent reply Interesting point of view. To some degree tho I feel you're looking at the political spectrum too broad. Are you a staunch libertarian or anarchist? I'm myself a libertarian socialist so I can see your point about government and shit
      • [ – ] jeff4justice parent reply I think of myself as a wannabe voluntaryist trapped in statism. I support non-aggression principal, live and let live, the golden rule.
        • CyniKay parent reply I like that description. "Voluntaryist trapped in statism." I use terms like anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist but the issue is that anarchism these days is moreso just a community of edgy liberals... Either way I can relate to what you said.
  • diversitydialogue reply Not all LGBTs will agree with each other. That's ok. Hopefully you'll find folks who you feel comfortable around.
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