Top 10 Rick And Morty Episodes

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  • [ – ] sarah reply all of season 2 was gold imo! i think my top 2 was the parasite episode and the wedding episode... except for the end of course :'(
  • IBakedGamerI reply Great stuff bro xD i was doing some voices along with the video haha, season 3 will be awesome i love the smart jokes in the show. really well edited and great clips my bro! keep it up.
  • iasi94 reply the car battery episode(I don't remember how it's called). It had me laughing out loud until my belly hurt
  • EchoWaltz reply SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!
  • WARPATH_GAMING reply The house party was the best one so far in my opinon. Bird man made stole the show lol
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