Best David Seaman rant everrrr!!

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  • YoliLovesAley reply We love you David!
  • VickieBov reply Talk on, David. God's on your side. The kids need all the help they can get.
  • phillyitalian88 reply Shut em down. Take down these fucking worthless pieces of shit. NO "Barbara" its called the 1st amendment you know free and unbiased news. FBI needs to take down these sick fucks
  • Jafreema reply David Seaman- What do you think about Trump going forward with the Dakota access pipeline? Are you not pro clean water and anti imminent domain? Are those not the big banks we despise in collusion with the Fed reserve whom we despise even more that is funding this Dakota access pipeline? You spoke of reporters losing reliability and credibility, what about you sir? Will you let your desire for honor slip away?
  • Imafaulkingidiot reply Trump has a car ! GAC TRUMPCHI ? Gs7 !
  • truthbeknowntoall reply ANYONE not willing to, or slowing the progress of, getting to the TRUTH of this topic is incriminating themselves. Please give reason that justifies not further investigation of this topic, weighing the possibility of it's existence, before dismissal of it.
  • zameerrothschild reply is it possible to add something to a comment later?? don't know the English word for "bearbeiten"
  • zameerrothschild reply these children are going through hell and can't defend themself and EVERYBODY who close his/her eyes are from the same or even worse.. we (all around the world) have to wake up and stand up against those psycho sick evil worshipping soab's... so thank you David for trying to open up our eyes.
  • kchefspice reply Much better
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