Trump Pushes His Way to Front of NATO/Super Handshake w/ Macron and NATO Verbal Smack Down

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  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply I love our President. When he had Macron’s hand he should have twisted it in utter dominance. Sure, that’s an obnoxious move but Macron can damn well submit to us if he’s willing to submit to Islam. I thank Almighty God for Donald Trump. Love your videos!
    • ResistanceChicks777 parent reply Feminist kind of took the man out of men but Donald Trump had already formed his personality before all that feminist stuff in the sixties and seventy. Hopefully, he can be an example of real manhood for those born during and after 1965!
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply The problem is not Islamophobia or xenophobia. Liberty Freedom vs slavery, The problem is tyranny vs equality. Tyranny Globalism religious domination vs a republic and democracy. The problem is that the Quran teaches people to "abuse others"'Women children, everyone, your enemies must die! In America, we call that a dysfunctional relationship, an abusive relationship. An example is; a mother hits her child so hard the child's arm is broken. They go to the hospital and the child says it's my fault I fell down the stairs. Those who do nothing about men who abuse them in the name of religious freedom or culture are like this child. Not only abused by people imposing themselves on their land, personal property, country, but these evil people who use religion to give themselves unalienable rights to abuse people also abuse them mentally enslaving to them. People lie for these abusers. It is domination of one person or group of people over others or another person! It is a type of oppressi...moreon, tyranny, That is what Muhammad is; a tyrant, so those who follow him are also tyrants!
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