Mules and donkeys on the farm

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply I did not know mules and donkeys were good stock protectors. And after my Russian grandfather was wounded and left for dead in Germany in WW2, a German farmer healed him and gave him a horse that he rode 2000 miles through war torn Europe to find his family and then the horse pull a cart with his wife and 4 children back into the war. Eventually they settled in Australia. He never drove a car in his life, he said horses were much better transport.
    • [ – ] frugalfarmer parent reply What a cool story. Donkeys are very protective of their "herd", be it goats, sheep or ? Mules are good pack animals and for working land. Thanks for stopping by.
      • MaitreMarkScully parent reply My grandfather was a hard man, a veteran of the battle of Moscow and the siege of Leningrad. My mother said she only saw him cry once, the day he had to sell the horse that kindly German farmer gave him so he could find his family.
  • kendrakane reply Cougars? Do they bother them?
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