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  • rebeledgeentertainment reply Thank you all of you are awesome. The Merlin "Outlast 2 Part 2" video will be out tomorrow. I wanted to make a special 200 followers special video. I hope you enjoy it.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Seriously congratulations on getting to 200 you absolutely worked hard and delivered the product week after week after week!! Keep bringing the heat. Looking forward to the future of your content.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply HOMIES HOMIEEESSS!!!!! Wow! Rocker John Richards looks high. Wait I think he's emotional. This is why this is the most passionate show in the world. Love this series. "Belinda screwed up my entire life" hahahahahaha!!! Alright John Richards stepped up his game hahaha!! "John Richards is as straight as a spoon" hahahahahaha!!! Bobby.. what the hell was that!!!?? This is why people got issues with you haha. Rogue edge we love you too man! Don't feel worried. "I got a food and a bed with no SPRINGS!!" Hahaha. Merlin always roasts John Richards haha. "We finally got a team pick. It's all because of Mr Merlin" hahah Merlin is taking this show to Hollywood!! Rogue edge Vs Mr. Merlin....woof. this is getting interesting!!!! Rogue Edge is not going down with out a fight! Damn! Dude this was your best episode yet wow! Everyone was on point this was too funny! Love it!
    • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply John Richards is a mess right now lol. Bobby is the typical producer appreciates the fans but is focused on the product. Rogue Edge Vs. Mr. Merlin is going to be the prize fight of the show. Thank you really is awesome you enjoyed it. Definitely working harder to bring up my comedy game.
      • Rawman parent reply I know he appreciates it but has to focus and I'm glad he finally is doing his job! Haha we know that tight fisted Scrooge McDuck doesn't wanna even spend a penny! Belinda is ruining everyone's emotional state haha. Looking forward to more cannot wait!
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Awww Rogue, you're still loved though :) "Do you want to be on a show" "What is a show?" "Do you want to entertain people?" "What is entertain?" Haha! Favorite part of the show! Love all you guys! Congrats on your 200! Rightly deserved!
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Hey Bro congratulations on reaching 200 followers you really truly deserve it Bro
  • [ – ] danielamann reply This is absolutely awesome! Apparently I've been living under a rock to not have found you content sooner -- I've been watching through some of the videos throughout the evening and seriously you are a hilarious creator and it's so obvious how much work and passion you have been putting into all of this every single day! Consider me the newest fan of @rebeledgeentertainment
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Dude thank you so much. I really appreciate that it means a lot. My goal and mission is to always entertain and make people laugh and I'm very happy to know I was able to do that for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my content and it's always awesome to have new fans.
  • ChaoticGaming reply Congratulations brotha!!! Keep grinding
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