WHY I MOVED TO VIDME ...YouTube is Done - Rant

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  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Youtube is now a useless place of shit of a platform.
  • Outlet_Podcast reply Welcome to vidme Chris!
  • MysticSword reply Yeah, it's hard to make much sense of YouTube sometimes, like how their system decides to allow one video to be monetized, and then other vids are de-monetized (or consider not-family-friendly). It's not consistent and often doesn't make much sense. But it's their site and they can do with as they like. Seems they continue making more and more changes that keeps the smaller channels basically ignored and from being able to have much growth, where they (YouTube) seem to be more focusing now on mainstream-media content (News, shows, etc...), essentially becoming "T.V.", which is kind of opposite of what YouTube was meant to be originally. So it certainly is great to find a much more welcoming and appreciative site like VidMe here. Currently, I don't earn hardly any income from being a content Creator on YouTube & VidMe (if I'm lucky, I might earn enough for a few cups of coffee per month), but creating content, making my videos, using my creative and imaginative side in wanting to en...moretertain, inform, to do something positive, then sharing it with others in which I hope some people can enjoy, well it's something I like doing. So for me the main thing is to enjoy what I'm doing (if I no longer enjoyed making vids, then I'd stop. Or I will take a break as need be if I'm busy with other priorities or perhaps feeling a bit burned-out). I try to do something positive and have some fun with it. Ok, best wishes and keep up the good work.
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