HERE WE GO - Outlast 2 #1 - Full Playthrough - Gameplay - Commentary - Horror Game

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  • [ – ] mechriot reply Haha I'm too scared to play these games, I'm a wuss! lol
    • [ – ] VeeJohnPee parent reply Genuinely don't think I'd play it in the dark myself, if it wasn't for the sake of making a Series out of it lol. Having this channel has made me a bit more of a man! :P
      • [ – ] mechriot parent reply Lol Persephone is usually way more game than I, she's fearless haha. Eventually I'll see these on sale though and play them cos my curiosity will win out.
        • [ – ] VeeJohnPee parent reply They are pretty fun. Best sort of games to get a natural reaction out of. Just gotta make sure you're in the mood for them. Literally went into Outlast 2 blind, not knowing what it was about. bad idea!
  • OnlyUltimate reply Get spare pants, you'll need it haha
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