Making Healthy Dog Food for the Boxers

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Boxers are great dogs! Turmeric is a great supplement too. Your dogs are very fortunate to be treated so well! I've heard horror stories about what goes into pet food. Thanks for sharing!
  • CatPaws reply I should probably be doing this for my cats....
  • Country_Boy_Tactical reply Yes Cat, would be beneficial to them. The boxers love it. I feed them in the morning and the evening, so that they don't consume too much at once. The black boxer is huge and super energetic and healthy, the brown boxer is staying fit and lean even though he is a big couch tater.
  • Country_Boy_Tactical reply Thanks for the great comment Flying Purple Pizza, ha ha, say that ten times. They are very wonderful beings and I love them deeply, they reciprocate the most love and comedy as well. I am extremely fortunate to be blessed with them. The fawn is a rescue and has had a rough life and was previously abused, now he is home and we fit well into one another's lives. The black one is very rowdy yet is extremely loving and is now the fawn's best friend when he is attacking him. Yes, very sad and often overlooked on the pet food. Exactly why I wanted to make the video as soon as possible. You're welcome, thanks for the comment. Best.
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