Games are Art. Seriously.

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  • [ – ] InteractiveSystem reply No, choices are not the medium of videogames. The video game logic is diferent from chess and other board games. If you want a explanation about video games and art keep track of my chanel as I created it with the only goal of explaining this unsolved problem to people like you. (I knew I wont find this kind of people in youtube) The only video I have at the moment is in Spanish, but it will be soon (probably tomorrow) translated to english. Salud!! [[Upvote and following, nice to meet you]]
    • [ – ] mightypwnage parent reply Do you believe that choices might be the medium of games that aren't video games but that the video game itself is a different medium where choice is not a defining characteristic?
      • InteractiveSystem parent reply Well, I think the idea of "choice" being the medium (the lenguaje) of video games is incomplete. In the video you describe "choice" as the capacity for the player to respond to stimulus sending input to the sistem with a piece of hardware. I can link up this definition with the apropos wrong idea of thinking of a painting's media as one's ability of whatching and understanding it. In reality, the primary media of a painting (the smalest unit posible of pictorical lenguaje) is the concept of "stroke of color". Hope I haven't screw up this rather complex topic due to my Spaniardness.
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