My Favorite Family Guy Episodes!

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  • TeddyCorkindale reply I like Road to Multiverse, Peter, Peter Caviar Eater, Lets go to the Hop, Family Guy Viewer mail 1 and 2, Pretty much any of the James Woods episodes, Patriot Games, Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure, Airport 07, I Dream of Jesus, most of the Road to episodes, 420, Three Kings, Hannah Banana, Quagmire's baby, The Big Bang Theory, Amish Guy, Meg and Quagmire, Yug Ylimaf, Vestigial Peter, and The Simpsons Guy. There are others, but those are my favorites.
  • [ – ] RicelikesNoodle reply 😀Great list, Nunzi! I liked those as well. The musical numbers are truly awesome in the series. I agree! 🤔You know as a psychological thriller/horror/mystery fanatic, my favorite is: And Then There Were Fewer.😅
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