Joelle - Big In LA (Showcase Mix) Full Credits

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  • [ – ] miker123 reply Well done, proof that you don't need a bunch of expensive gear to make a great video.
    • Joelle parent reply Hi miker123, yes the video was made on a pocket camera called a Fujifilm X10 and also on a F550 + F600 pocket cameras . It was hard to make, but we couldn't believe what the cameras could do! Thank you for watching and for your support :)
  • [ – ] Stryder200 reply Great Video, feel good sound, Beautiful scenery and a wonderful Voice to match.
    • [ – ] Joelle parent reply Thanks Stryder200, that's really nice of you to say, it was a crazy family project but came out really well in the end. I recently did it again, only this time in New York, but that's another story! By the way, I love your flow! I would really enjoy hearing you live :)
      • Stryder200 parent reply You're very welcome 😊 and yes I love the video. Specially the fact that it matches up with the story you're telling through your lyrics. Your family has great talent when it comes to the details so god bless them all. I live in NYC myself so I'm looking forward to seeing the next Video 😀.
      • Stryder200 parent reply And once again thank you so much for your compliment, the fact that you like my flow means a lot. It's not something I do every day mind you lol. But it's funny you say that you'd like to see me live, I would say I'd love to see you live myself. So if ever you're performing in new York let me know and I'll by some tickets 😋👍
  • [ – ] LazyCook reply Nice work, great voice. I wish you every success.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply That sounded good. Slick video with a movie star smile. I read the story about you. I thought I had it hard growing up. You didn't give up, though. Now you are inspiring many, many others with your courage. You are very impressive. Way to go!
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