Tekken 2 - Nina's Theme [Rock Cover] || Mairiba

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  • [ – ] Powerpuff reply This is awesome! I still own Tekken 2 to this day. I have it sitting on my shelf. I have so many good memories of this game. Thank you for blessing my ears with this masterpiece. Have you ever thought about making a cover for Jun? :o
    • [ – ] Mairiba parent reply That's awesome man, Thanks for sharing that! Really glad you like it :D Now I have thought about covering Jun's theme, definitely. I remember saying to someone that if I could, I'd cover the whole soundtrack so we'll see what happens... :)
      • [ – ] Powerpuff parent reply The anticipation of a Jun cover....oh man. Jun was my first love. She would be the only character I would play. I was so sad when she wasn't available to play in Tekken 3. Heartbroken for days. I still have my fingers crossed for her being introduced back into the Tekken series in Tekken 7.
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