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  • Concerned_Canadian reply First this is not racism, this is a pissing match between fairytales and has no place in Canadian Politics.. And to believe the government is a sign of delusional retardation. Second, why does the so called religion of peace require blasphemy laws? Has anybody done their research in just what Islam is? I seriously think not for if they did they would not be as trendy as they think they are.. M103 is censorship against free speech, plain and simple.. There are Canadians in jail right now for speaking out against this so we really need to look seriously into this. I am in Peterborough where the questionable fire happened and let's just say there are some interesting rumors going around.. The Islamic domination of the west, *Pretend to be a refugee in order to gain access to your chosen country. *Play the minority card while out populating on a scale of 5 to 1. Infiltrate politics and call others racist and bigots if they do not agree with you. *Implement a watered down version of Sha...moreria law with the help of the leftists. *** (Canada is at this point now)************ *Kill all those who do not submit to islam and dominate every western country. How? *This is the last will and testament of mohammad and keep in mind they have a lil law that says that they accept the latest verse and work backwards. Also please remember Muslims have a word and are encouraged to use to deceive non-muslims when it will help protect or project Islam, that word is "Taqiyya" . Another word to keep in mind is "kittman" An alternative term for religious dissimulation "action of covering, dissimulation". The terms taqiyya and kitman may be used synonymously, although the former has the more inclusive meaning of "dissimulation" in general, while the later refers to the "concealment" of one's convictions by silence or omission Surah 9: 1. No agreements are valid with idolaters (which includes Jews and Christians as explained in 9:30). (9:3) 2. Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. (9:5) 3. Do not make friends with non-Muslims (9:23) 4. Idolaters (including Jews and Christians) are filth – najisun. (9:28) 5. Fight Jews and Christians until they become Muslims or pay tribute in utter humiliation. (9:29) 6. Islam must be triumphant over all other religions. (9:33) 7. There is no “sacred month” in which fighting non-Muslims is forbidden. (9:36) 8. Using a 365-day solar calendar in lieu of a 354-day lunar calendar is a “grossly impious practice.” (9:37) 9. Muslims who don’t fight against non-Muslims will be sternly punished and replaced by others. (9:39) 10. Whether unarmed or well-equipped, fight for the cause of Allah with your money and your persons. (9:41) 11. Charitable contributions shall be used to advance Islam, among other things. (9:60) 12. Muslims are called to “kill and be killed,” and for this they will be rewarded paradise. (9:111) 13. Provoking non-Muslims is a good deed in the sight of God. (9:121) 14. Muslims are called to make war on all infidels who dwell around them. (9:123) OVER MY DEAD BODY?
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