Lord Beer Me Strength! #SaveEF

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  • JadeJicama reply Has no one ever told her not to film in vertical? No wonder EF is failing!
  • SamEarl13 reply If she is one of the biggest sources of feminist media (or whatever she claimed) and she records in vertical on a phone and talks like an idiot no wonder this EF is failing. Bet they hate the word scapegoat since all they ever do is blame other people (because its literally literally like their fault apparently... lol).
  • jrswab reply hahahah great response video. This is why I keep finding myself on your channel. Keep up the hard work.
  • ShinyBigBoo reply She's literally literally so articulate, I can totally totally see why she's editor
  • gbkthaddock reply Maybe she would do better if she wore a hijab. Maybe all feminists on youtube should wear the hijab.
  • Politics_N_Games reply Melissa A. Fabello is a PhD candidate in Human Sexuality Studies. In other words, if Everyday Feminism dies, she'll be serving coffee for the rest of her life. :-D
  • [ – ] jrswab reply Can myself, being the only white man in a room, be oppressed without being oppressed? Or is the fact that I'm white makes me unable to be oppressed?🤔🤔🤔
    • blazedu parent reply that's the exception that confirms the rule. white men are the only ones that can't be oppressed. white females in a room full of other races can't be oppressed either, they can only be oppressed when they are in a room full of men.
  • [ – ] StevenAlves reply The word Feminism seems to confuse some people into thinking it's about women. It would help if we everyone started calling it egalitarianism.
    • Morganhearst parent reply Are you trying to imply that Feminism is in fact Egalitarianism? because you would be dead wrong on that Steven Alves...
    • AngelofSorrow parent reply Sorry Steven, they are not comparable and Feminism is all about women. The official definition of Feminism is: The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of social, political and economic equality to men. Key words: "The advocacy of WOMENS rights." Not both men and women's rights. Not both genders rights. Just women's. It's not a movement for both the sexes in the slightest.
  • XELASOMA reply The problem is that their economic model is parasitism. They are too disorganised, lazy and uncreative to forge a new initiative that doesn't equate to: "money cuz sympathy."
  • [ – ] AceAcer2 reply The irony the irony ... the snake came to the end of its tail and has nothing to eat anymore. Sad but not really.
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply Oh the humanity and all the sjw's screaming around here. I told you; it – I can't even talk to people, their friends are on there! Ah! It's... it... it's a... ah! I... I can't talk, ladies and gentlemen.
  • KevinFlowers27 reply Feminism is EVIL AS SHIT!!!!
  • QuantumDeath reply vid/me is a corporate shithole
  • Forestal reply Stop it, Dave-- you're starting to internalizw feminism! One of these days... that purple-haired dude with the ginger beard is going to take over you!
  • TiberiusDuraga reply *Plays "Celebrate Good Times"*
  • [ – ] chrishazfun reply v a r i a b l e s
  • freerangehobo reply All theses left wing movements are on self destruct mode. Their stupidity has come to the fore since the election. Can there be enough idiots out there to buy this insane culture? If s
  • Rhyzir reply Awesome Dave! It's uplifting to see you lay it out there, responding to the duds with suds! Let's hear it for beer! I know it's about the only way I could tolerate listening to a video of what sounds kind of like a squirrel on too much coffee.
  • SC87Returns reply I love the ending part :)
  • Xexor reply "Intersectional feminism": found at the intersection of Unsubstantiated Myth, Unrestrained Anger, and Unrefined Speech.
  • freerangehobo reply Where is all of this injustice against women? Do we all experience injustice, or do only women experience this? They who complain about injustice should be made to live for one year in Saudi Arabia.
  • AnimangaNation493 reply Burn mother fucker burn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • AngelofSorrow reply "We need to like save EF because of white supremacists being in charge, even though I'm in charge of EF, but I like don't identify as white. I'm African Albino like literally literally."
  • itsdatmatty reply feminists like this pissed me off
  • MisterHan2000 reply Today I learned that beer is beneficial in something: it helps people tune out idiots! *hands Dave a Nobel Peace Prize*
  • capqrch57 reply Gingers can't be oppressed, because they don't have souls. Sorry, that was just to tempting to resist. I'll see myself out now.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Stupidity has been popular for far too long. Abandon all hope Dave Cullin you cant beat all that stupidity with a wooden stick.
  • pokematic reply She acts as though she is the only independent feminist media, and that 3rd wave feminist ideas are going to die if everyday feminism stops. Unfortunately there are thousands of you. You are a commodity.
  • blazedu reply hey, you are useless to this world so it's only natural you're going to disappear. the only thing you give people is annoyance, keks of how stupid what you say is and more annoyance. good bye and good riddance.
  • KevinFlowers27 reply Ginger men are SEXY!😂
  • DIFFERENT-PERSPECTIVE reply yet more reasons to love the vid.me crowd
  • DIFFERENT-PERSPECTIVE reply lol love it, genius :)
  • [ – ] jsullivan reply I love Dave's drinking videos. I drink while watching them so that I am part of the video.
  • xcwe4life reply Please help us reach 50 followers the reason for this is in the video we just uploaded if you don't want to watch the update vid here is a short explanation we are a wrestling organization and we make content longer that typically goes anywhere from 40 mins to a few hours and regardless of our history and accounts on several platforms vidme refuses to verify us unless we have 50 followers here on vidme and verification is needed for us to put our real content here please help thanks - xcwe
  • mistrx reply Dave, this video is brilliant! As basically all of your videos! Keep up the great work!
  • thearmytrucker reply First time using vidme and it's pretty nice so far.
  • Luciful_Mephisto reply Alright, first!... Um, to declare first while not actually being first...
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