Natural-Born Survivalists

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  • KEM_67 reply It is always a good idea to be ready for emergency situations. Now I'm not a scout but the motto: "Be prepared" is the motto they use here in Denmark. Like in the towns, you must be equally smart in the forests / in the countryside. Use your brain as much as you use your hands and eyes. Everything you need to survive is out in nature. Gather twigs, wood collect mushrooms, collect / pick fruits / berries / seeds. Thanks for a good video @ForgottenRoots and keep yourself warm :)
  • Thornack reply very nice vid!
  • Bushcraft_Prepping_Survival reply Good point of view. Modern humans are way down the food chain when it comes to survival. Most people couldn't even survive in a supermarket..!!!!!!
  • GrungyWes reply This was a great video, but I can't help but laugh when you say "Sack" because you say it like "Succ", and that tickles the fuck out of me
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