YouTube Growth Strategies - Part 3 - How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel w/ BBKDragoon

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  • FXWLL reply Good stuff. Dont do games content but alot of this advice seems like it would work across the board
  • Bluepaw reply As a new content creator, this is some great advice. Thanks! :)
  • [ – ] MartyReactions reply I don't do much reaction videos like I used to but my name has "Reactions" in the name. I still think though that most of my videos are a reaction to something, whether a video, gameplay, or an idea. Would you say the name is still misleading?
    • EposVox parent reply If it's become part of your brand, you could stick with it. Like AngryJoe's "Angry Game Review" even though he's rarely angry anymore. But yes, it does make me think of the more common "reaction videos" and can be confusing.
  • [ – ] Owta_ reply i've been loving the content for months now, keep up the good work man!
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