Reflection: Does Today's Music Suck?

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  • vanners reply I guess I break the mould. For me contemporary music has sucked my entire life, however there is relative suckiness: I was 8 when the 80s started and just hated practically all music for music's sake in that era. I did enjoy sound tracks, particularly from John Williams. Mainstream music recovered in patches in the early 90s when a number of boy bands rediscovered harmony, but it was short lived. I put it down to my difference from the average listener - I am a classical guitarist, and the music I was learning on (from one year into my study) was more complex than the mainstream music at the time. Queen sometimes had good music, Mannheim Steamroller was interesting, Jean Michel Jarre was also worth listening to at a pinch, but the stuff that you couldn't get away from - the stuff being played everywhere was just mind numbing. Full disclosure, I've had a preference for JS Bach and Baroque in general since I was 2 years old. Now, in my 40s I am mellowing and actually enjoying The ...moreSeekers and ABBA - and perhaps this is again, just a longing for complexity and those bands have relatively more than most unless you head into sound tracks.
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