Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Moana "You're Welcome" Parody Song | Inspired by a Fanart and Tumblr post

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  • [ – ] GeahkBurchill reply This video perfectly encapsulates exactly what's wrong with The Force Awakens.
    • [ – ] OverEnglishMan parent reply Well, it Lukes like the next one might be trying to fix some shizz :)
      • [ – ] GeahkBurchill parent reply Rough beginning to a trilogy though. They can fix Rey, and maybe Luke but they can't undo Starkiller, Leia or Han Solo. I hope it's better than the last one. BTW, great song. Sharing.
        • OverEnglishMan parent reply Thanks pal! And whatever the outcome, I'm just looking forward to the Mary/Garysue powerhouse that is Rey and Luke together. Between the two of them we're almost at "Pulled a Star Destroyer from orbit" levels of OP. Heck if I'm honest, I wouldn't complain if they just straight up did that. Awesome the first time, would love to see it done proper justice on the big screen!
    • [ – ] Phrenomythic parent reply Aw, come on! I for one enjoyed it and Rogue One too.
      • [ – ] GeahkBurchill parent reply Rogue One was pretty good in act II & III. It did a lot to add weight and importance to A New Hope. TFA did the opposite. It entirely diminished the efforts and journey of the original trilogy characters. I'm mad at TFA for the same reason a lot of people hate Alien 3, except, at least the Alien movies are about nihilism in the face of inexorable impending death at the hands of force of nature. Star Wars is a Space Opera.
        • Phrenomythic parent reply I can see your point, but on the other hand... Isn't that like real life? You fight to establish something good and then it goes into the shitter by bad developments anyways? Like we had 8 years of Obama and now Trump? From a certain point of view, of course...
  • [ – ] Phrenomythic reply Nice idea!
  • GeahkBurchill reply Two things: It's Star Wars, not real life. It's based in a very simplistic, throwback to old adventure serials. Good guys and bad guys and galactic emperors. Granted, it's harder to get into that now and Star Wars has to change with the times. Rogue One certainly told a story about more grey and conflicted characters. The real problem I have is that these characters are quite inconsistent with their representations in the original trilogy. It's not so much that the empire took over again (although, where did all those resources come from would be a very good question) it's that the characters and circumstances were entirely reverted to the beginning of A New Hope. Han Solo somehow regressed back to his very first incarnation, abandoning his entire character arc. Luke retreats from the world, not because it was reasonable, but because Abrams needed him to play Alec Guinness. Leia is still fighting the same battle after thirty years and somehow, Han & Leia were such bad parents they ra...moreised a Sith? We aren't given any really good reason for any of their positions other than the studio wanted to reset the story back to the beginning. In actuality, it doesn't make much sense. General Leia should be the George Washington of a New Republic, fragile and precariously balanced. A peace in jeopardy by a silent and brooding neighbor. Han Solo should be a general in charge of patrolling the demilitarized zone in between. Luke should have a small temple where he trains a small class of Jedi. Put everything in a good, but precarious position, so when it all comes crashing down, we can feel their loss. It was shortsighted what Disney and Abrams did. It was poor storytelling. Unfortunately, it's not a mistake Disney can take back either. Like the Prequels, we're stuck with it.
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