1 Video = 2,000+ Views And Over 1,000 Followers???...I Think NOT!

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  • AsKaGangsta reply looks like this Maxim channel mass followed a lot of vidme creators which will send a notification to each person. I think that's how he got all of his views and followers. It's kinda like a follow for follow thing he did.
  • [ – ] Roolooth reply Good video exposing this strange activity. I don't understand why someone would make the effort to set a channel up not bothering to make any videos apart from one short clip and keep trying to attract lots of visitors. The only thing I can think of is that they are trying to create a channel with high numbers of contacts and proven visits and at a later date they sell that ready made channel to some person who will have a high chance of exposure of their videos/products or political views. If somebody adds me to their contacts I usually check out to see if they have any content, I have come across several with none at all, maybe it is a small group of spammers creating all these Hollow accounts. By creating a high number of false accounts one person could upvote a particular video and so skew the results of videos that appear to be popular and get a higher rating than it deserves. It's up to Vidme to crack down on this kind of thing but the rest of us can help too by not automaticall...morey adding someone to contacts without checking to see if that person is a genuine creator, and resist clicking on the one trailer video that they might have posted. Well done MrJoelDee for bringing this to our attention.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply Thank you my friend. All great points. Hopefully more people will check out their followers and bring any potential fakes to Vidme's attention, whether directly to the moderators or a video like this one.
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply We should start calling you The Vidme Investigator! I'm really starting to like this sleuthing you've been doing lately. However, I can understand that looking at the 6k+ people he's following could mean follow for follow could be working. Also, the over a thousand views could be explained by people clicking on the video out of curiosity like you did. BUT, the one thing that can't be explained and the reason I agree with you that he's fake is the upvote count. Let's be honest, there's nothing special about the video, so I can't imagine 143 people upvoting this video.
    • [ – ] MrJoelDee parent reply Lol! No I couldn't imagine that either. Thanks for the positive feedback man. This was one of those videos I didn't know if it would turn out that good or not. I kinda had to be rushed in making it, but wanted to get the word out. The thing that kind of proved the fake thing for me was the YT channels. Not that he had 3, cause many people have more than one on there, but his channel was totally empty. And this Vidme video has been all alone for at least 3 months now, maybe more. I uploaded the video once, then realized, oh shit, I better check out those YT channels just in case. I didn't wanna falsely call someone out. So I took it down and re-did it after I investigated further. It's just in my nature I guess. If something seems fishy, I have to investigate and call it out if it turns out to be what I think it was. I did actually just notice he does mention that Schmocky or whatever it is in his channel description over the YT links, but still doesn't explain HIS blank channel and onl...morey 1 Vidme vid. I'm still calling fake, lol. If he happens to see this and can prove me otherwise, I will gladly take it down and make an apology video, but somehow, I don't see that happening, lol.
      • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply I applaud you for having the courage to make the video. Thank you! I shared it to my twitter, so hopefully other people will see it and something will get done.
        • MrJoelDee parent reply Thanks man. Let's hope this kind of thing is significantly reduced and ultimitely eliminated in the future.
  • lambdog76 reply [[EXPOSED]]
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