Anime Review: Madoka Magica

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  • [ – ] DynastyStar reply Nope, I was just browsing for something to watch and just had a "huh..." moment. As for the "three videos", I unsubscribed after the first one since you seemed to be implying that you uploading his videos was a long-term engagement. I was subscribed to your channel for YOUR content. If I wanted his content, then I would've been subscribed to his channel. I'm not butthurt, I was just making a fun jab at somebody I used to watch. Vid also won't let me reply to you for some reason.
    • ShintouGenesis parent reply That's odd. I can reply to you. Anyways, yeah he was only there for three videos. I get not liking his content, or him. It just came off very "personal" at the time. Like "Oh, you're friends with HIM!" Type shit, you know? Anyways, no worries. We good.
  • [ – ] DynastyStar reply Oh hey, so I guess ThatAnimeSnob's second channel decided to switch over to, huh?
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