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  • [ – ] ShadyShiba reply Whats the point of using Twitter and Youtube if you can't get verified? =)
    • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply You don't get locked out of features if you're not verified on those sites.
      • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply You also don't need access to those features on vidme to be successful
        • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply I don't care about that.
          • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply If you don't want to be successful and take your craft seriously, why should vidme take you seriously and verify you and promote you as someone important in the vidme community?
            • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply Important? Is that what all those channels who contribute literally nothing are?
              • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply I can't speak on a broad basis, you'd have to show me some examples.
                • Mattwo parent reply Prefer to being the operative term btw. Obviously I can't outright fully avoid it in social media but the fact is I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and got nothing out of it.
                • Mattwo parent reply They aren't even part of the community and I had to force myself into a social environment I didn't even originally want to be a part of because I'm not exactly a very socially adept person and would prefer to avoid social interaction whenever possible.
                • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply What have my friends contributed to the community that I hadn't? https://vid.me/TheHenshinGamer https://vid.me/ZeltraxMillenium/comments
                  • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply 1. Their Thumbnails are more visually appealing then the majority of your "Screengrab from the video uploaded." 2. You've made a handful of videos acting entitled to be Verified. 3. They appear to have a direction for their channel where as your content is sporadic and lacks distinct direction.
                    • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply That's not contributing to the community.
                      • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply It is, its bringing original (subjective term) and distinct content into the Content Creator Community.
                        • Mattwo parent reply It's starting to look to me like the definition of community you people are operating on has little to do with community at all.
                        • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply How is that related to the community? I helped set someone on the right path when they needed guidance, I tried to mediate a dispute that looked like it was getting out of hand, I even reported a couple of bugs and made suggestions.
                          • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply The Devs arent here watching your every move to see you doing good deeds in the community, verified is for the content you produce.
                            • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply I thought the devs were trying to foster a healthy community. I guess I was mistaken.
                              • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply they have like 6 Devs and seeing how they have a website to run, how do you expect them to know what thousands of people are doing at any given time?
                                • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply In a sense, I probably should have known but it's their own faults for using the word wrong.
                                  • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply There are different forms of a community, you had a community on the discord, but everytime you didn't get verified, you'd go off on a rant about it. We kept giving you advice but you chose to ignore it. I mean there is very little else we can offer you other then advice. = \
                                    • Mattwo parent reply Besides, I did start making more thumbnails for my videos. Sometimes it's hard to think of them and I'm not just going to make NEW ones for ALL of my OLDER videos.
                                    • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply I did not ignore it. I improve on my own time.
                                      • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply Alright man, not much more I can say then, we'll just wait to see where you end up when you decide its "Time to Improve." =)
                                        • Mattwo parent reply You're not understanding what I am saying. It took me three years to make passable looking images on Garry's Mod when the expectation was that I could figure it all out right away.
                                    • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply Mind you, I only have one video at this current point in time, but I'm not verified, I don't give a crap. The one video I did upload managed to get almost 200 views without needing any of the verified features. so /shrug
                                      • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply This isn't about getting verified, I understand it now, I'm just stressed out because I removed myself from my comfort zone and got nothing out of it. It doesn't matter if all you remember was me complaining about not getting verified because I know I did more than that. I didn't ever really care all that much but on some level it always pissed me off that people kept telling me how easy it was for them when I didn't get verified.
                                        • [ – ] ShadyShiba parent reply idk man, you said it yourself you dont have passion or dedication for your work, your viewers can feel the amount of effort you put into something, so maybe they just aren't resonating with you. =\
                                          • Mattwo parent reply That's funny considering on YT my most viewed videos are always ones I put basically no effort into.
                            • ShadyShiba parent reply atleast at the current point in time, maybe eventually there will be community leader roles. =)
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