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  • Star_Wars6collector reply I could design a star ship better then NASA that's for sure
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply how many years will it take now like 10 or 20, lol NASA is so slow at doing anything real
    • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply space travel takes time, and costs lots of money, if the us government should use the defense budget for space exploration, instead of drone wars, we should have a mars base by now
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply I used to have lots of video's on youtube on how the pyramid energy system works, but now I will have to remake them since I only have one on here so far, induction heating is one of the most cost efficient ways of making molten melts or using it to fuse the metals, the pyramids Iron Ore stone was made by way of induction heating,
        • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply never heard of a pyramid energy system
          • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply watch my video on it because I solved it a while back as well as had all the science video's to back up my claims that would support it 100%, so I can find the science links that's simple, but watch my video on it before I make a more detailed one on it again,
            • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply send me the link
              • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I just told you how to make a better designed magnetic engine using powerful magnetic batteries, magnets last up to 400 years, I will have to do a more detailed video on it another time like I had up before, so that means all those people whom seen it, the space race is on,
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply Well if you used the magnetic rail launching system and designed a worthy star ship made out of nano carbon mixed with the desired metals and lined it with copper or gold to protect from radiation then you would have a real space program, if you know how the vortex timing works, also if your really intelligent like I am then you will understand how to make any planet into an earth planet from the atomic pyramid energy grid system, also making a gyro tech to make gravity on your star ship, (magnetic energy field gyro)
        • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply if it was that easy, i am sure it would be done by now, i think :)
          • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply well if you don't build it then China or Russia will beat you to it, so I would think NASA would wake up before NASA is even more out dated,
            • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply NASA Is not outdated, The Americans are running far ahead of annyone, launching missions to Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Space telescopes, so much things, the chinese hardly get a capsule in space, and the russians are stuck with there 70 year old soyuz rocket
              • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply you would think NASA would be more inclined to send underground digging equipment to Mars like the bore machines if there is too much surface radiation, if you don't change to a type one modern launching system then NASA is junk and out dated, Mars is 1/6 earths atmosphere and the planets vortex timing is 48 so to get it back to 24 hour system you use magnetic core sound wave stimulation to speed up the planets core rotation, when you know magnetic's everything is simple and easy, the planet already spins so there is a warm core, now the plasma energy is tuned by the pyramid sound wave energy system, the plasma current streams to the Iron Ore pyramid base, thus the moisture from the rocks streams to the surface as part of this chain reaction,
                • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply what about sending couple hundred nukes to mars? would heat the planet also
                  • Star_Wars6collector parent reply the key is magnetism to speeding up the planets core rotational speed, Fact sound waves cause rotation, pulsing waves on the key atomic ring line pattern tuned earth that is why there is still pyramids underwater to this very day, Kings chamber is 365 Queens chamber is 24 by 24, 52 slope matches atmosphere, the real casing stones in Algeria show they covered/encased the whole pyramid in Iron Ore, fact running current can magnetically charge a stone, Iron Ore stones where magnetically levitated into place, ground granite has iron ore, so they made those stones precisely, induction heating method is using copper coils to make molten stone, none of your bunkers have this,
              • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply NASA is very out dated because they used there old shuttles that don't protect there own people from radiation, really gluing tile to a space ship, lol what junk
                • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply yes, that was before, but now there building new rockets, your right they maybe don't look that sexy, but they will take us to mars and hopefully back, and spaceX is also working on rockets, in the next coming years amazing things will happen i think :)
                  • Star_Wars6collector parent reply when I seen the nano doctor working on cell regeneration he told me and showed me everything he was doing, but he was not intelligent enough to understand it because he did not step back to and think about the whole thing, sure stem cell injections work to regenerate new limbs, but taking it to it's full potential by building a full body regeneration machine would give us real longer lasting life, he did not understand magnetic's or vortex magnetic timing, so he fails the funny part is he could work on it his whole life time and never see what was right in front of him,
                  • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I like to solve things because I want to see human kind thrive and not destroy it's self because they poorly managed there planet,
                  • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I do think NASA could be better organized to have a real intelligent space magnetic rail system with real star ships designed for this, I love my brain because I get to see inventions within dreams or visions and how they work, the brain solves complex problems, drilling underground once on Mars might reveal common sense fact about magnetic's that since the planet rotates there is a chain reaction so you might have real oxygen the closer you go to the core, and for sure protection from harsh radiation, rockets are primitive when magnetic engines last up to 400 years and if you know vortex energy they put your primitive rockets to shame, simple pulse wave weapons can shut down your whole so called advanced air force, I love America but still wake up to the real advanced space age instead of nuking your own planet,
                  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply well they used my idea for the plasma engine, We can make New Earth Planets, this is huge and the discovery of all ages, those foolish people in power ruined our real past history and that was a massive set back, so type one or stay primitive, very simple to me, cell regeneration also is required for real longer lasting life, DC current 8 ohms pulsed 72 beats per minute for 24 minutes a day for 72 days, so the myths of our past some of them are not myths at all, the Veda's used Iron Ore induction heating to pour them, molten melt fused with ground stone of choice, they where far more advanced because there buildings lasted thousands of years, ours might last 100 if the re-bar does not corrode, only a fool dismisses science fact,
                    • [ – ] DeepSpaceTv parent reply u should write a paper of your ideas, and try to get it published in a scientific magazine, if its really a good idea, people will pick it up
                      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply common sense factual idea's stream line things, magnetic engines can be designed to power anything as well as inverted rotors or ram air pods(UFOs) rotors that compressed magnets hold in place, powerful octagon shaped batteries, I was thinking of a fusion battery and your scientists had a signal ring with 12 magnets and that is not a vortex until you use a dual set of rings to make real magnetic fusion, so 12 or 24 or 36 magnets per ring, each ring has to be in a set of 2 or more, do you see what I just know, I know vortex magnetic energy timing, magnets can be powered up to 400 years, cost effective and a revolution to build a type one civilization, it is your choice I gave you the idea's of invention and teach how simple common sense is once you understand the brilliance of magnetics, so I just gave you the vortex fusion magnetic engine, when it powers to 12 stages so a UFO might have had 24 rings, these magnetic fusion vortex rings are powerful, because the UFO timing I had the pic...moreture of it and it showed a series of dots all in one image as it powers up and zooms off as well as changes direction, that is why I have thought about all of this and how it would work, I see what is made or what others try to do and see what they missed, So when I say your space shuttles are junk and out dated they surely are compared to real inventions, I just gave you the key to how it all works, I don't care to publish because this is to advanced human kind, or you could destroy your-selves, simple choices one has to calibrate, so you can share it with NASA
                      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I don't need approval, I publish by making video's on it, after I pay off my debt then I will build my own cell regeneration machine a crude version that will work, then I will live for 100s to thousands of years, you do know what happened to the guy that made and engine that ran on water, they shot him in the head because he did not sell his idea to the military, but stupid people never learn because they will destroy them-selves instead of expanding and advancing into a type one civilization, science fact proves what I say so I have nothing to prove because they don't advance fast enough, an intelligent civilization would make Earth Planet's in years not generations,
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