RED 5 STANDING BY | Star Wars Arcade (Sega 32X)

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  • [ – ] theArtisanRogue reply I loved this game, as a hardcore Sega fan, the 32X was only a disappointment for me because it was killed off so fast. But I really liked this, and it's place in history. It will be interesting in the coming years to look back at hardware and games like this and what they brought to future games. Great job on the vid!
    • [ – ] GameofTravis parent reply Thank you for watching! I think what led to the demise of the Sega 32X was timing. Sega was set to release the Saturn just a short time after the 32X was released. I would love to have seen more support for this system because the games were pretty entertaining, including Star Wars Arcade.
      • theArtisanRogue parent reply Absolutely! And agreed man! Kolibri was a pretty cool shooter on there, loved Spider Man Web of Fire, and have been hunting for a copy of DarXide, to no avail. It kills me because Sega had a lot of crazy and cool IPs and ideas in general, but the execution/releases, well, just like you mentioned above with Star Wars, could have benefited from a release on Saturn.
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