The Media Goes After Pewdiepie and FAILS MISERABLY [My Thoughts]

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply "pewdiepie, or how i learned to stop worrying and love YouTube" loved that reference to dr strangelove. How did you lose 83 subs? Was it that glitch? Great video man your format still amazes me. You made balanced views which is actually the most refreshing part of this. Too many people are quick to defend him to appease his fans (it seems) but don't take an objective approach. Well done great video.
    • [ – ] GooseBoose parent reply I announced I wasn't making Overwatch videos anymore and people unsubbed.
      • Rawman parent reply wow that is ridiculous!! you cant please everyone its crazy to imagine losing that many subs from an announcement like that.
  • DeskZombie reply I enjoyed this video. The points made are clean, calm and unbiased. I'll subscribe/follow the channel.
  • milkybuns reply i mean, how did he not see any of this coming? with a huge social following, there are bound to be people to get upset especially over a touchy subject even if it was "just a joke." but i will agree and say that media is way overreacting over this whole story only bc it's youtube's #1 guy and drama is fun obv
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