French man objects to Islamic street prayers

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  • Croms-massive-bollocks reply He has nothing against islam...too bad islam has a fucload of shit against him.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The people of Lebanon were open minded and tolerant and soon found themselves in a war when the peaceful Islamic neighbors turned on them and murdered them. The ISLAMIC culture of conquest promoted in the Koran where Jihad is tough as a means of conquest. This is a { SMALL } sample of some of the ISLAMIC inspired EVIL and oppression in history. Biggest Holocaust India, Battle for Vienna, River Wars, Barbary Wars, Armenian Genocide, Violent Conquest of Lebanon, ISIS in Iraq & Syria, World Terrorism, 911 Europe. These are just some of the names that ISLAMIC TERRORSIT go by. ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Army of Islam, Boko-Haram, Daesh, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Liberation Front, Taliban, etc. TYT is just one of the past names of ISLAMIC conquest. The Young Turks is the Name that the ISLAMIC invaders of Armenia took after which they changed the name of the Country to Turkey as part of their victory of their ISLAMIC conquest. History prove there is NO such thing...more as ISLAMOPHOBIA, There is only ISLAMIC conquest or defeat.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Ex-Muslim Woman Confronts Trudeau "Jihadi Justin, You're a Traitor'' watch?v=BUA1bgBM3SU
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Dr. Wafa Sultan's 1st public-address in 5-years "All Islam is Radical" - A.F.A.- L.A. watch?v=0HMoVoDro_0
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Don't step on their feet if they want to pray in the streets and block traffic, in a NON Muslim Country, Well your rights don't count to them. If shows their attitude that they don't listen to the laws of France. It their goal to disrupt traffic as a show of intimidation. That there taking over and they have nothing but contempt but until we can run out the locals we will interrupt your life and disrupt your business. It intimidation then they claim Your ISLAMOPHOBIC. If you stand for your rights.
  • mistrx reply but they voted for Macron..hmm
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