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  • [ – ] danielamann reply I laughed when you went back and pointed out that female fans don't grow beards. That was pretty funny. Do you think hockey players will ever get to where baseball players, where it seems beards have become quite the staple, not just for the playoffs but also for regular season?
    • [ – ] hockeyknight parent reply Hey! thanks for taking the time out to watching one of my videos. Hopefully, I gave you the impression that I'm putting some real work into the videos. To answer your question, yes. The players with playoff beards as bushy as baseball players are already here. I call them 'hipster beards'. Last year, 2 of the the San Jose Sharks players grew out their beards so large that it became an attention grabber. They're still growing them out for this year too. Google the names Brent Burns and Joe Thorton and you'll see their facial hair in all it's glory.
      • danielamann parent reply Wow those really are some beards of glory! Hahahaha I never could grow facial hair anything like that! I told you I'd fit in a video or two when I had time! I stick to my word. I know you put real work into what you do, and trust me, as a creator myself that doesn't go unrecognized. Something I'd point out, is that it can be difficult to be a creator in a limited niche (meaning all your focus is on hockey, which a lot of people may or may not find interesting) which means your best bet will be finding other people who share your passion and getting into their circles. Once you find those people you will definitely see your channel jump up in their market, but that can be difficult to do. AND hopefully you get some people interested in hockey who maybe aren't as well. That can always happen too =D
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