Are Teddy Bears More Regulated Than Guns? | 2A Today

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  • NominalGiant reply Great video! :D rather than commonsense laws maybe those people should just get some commonsense lol
  • LazyCook reply Things are getting way out of hand. Hang on to the Second Amendment or you may end up like the UK, with our draconian gun laws. Great reporting and it's good to see you have joined the VidMe family.
  • [ – ] thisisntme reply I just go notified that you posted a video on here like an hour ago when it looks like you actually did it about the same time as on youtube.
    • [ – ] CigarBGuitarefx parent reply Thats cool. I never understand why creators wait a week or more between Youtube and Vidme posts of the same content. When a creator is on Vidme, I want to watch them on Vidme and only Vidme.
      • LibertyDoll parent reply Yeah I try to do them one after another. I do YouTube first just because Vidme can copy all the info off YouTube, so the Vidme upload and filling out all the info only takes 5 minutes top.
  • [ – ] thisisntme reply you should post your videos on here first and possibly do exclusive videos and then post a short clip on YouTube telling people that there is a video on to get move people to move over here.
    • [ – ] LibertyDoll parent reply Yeah I'm still trying to figure out how I want to work between the multiple platforms
      • [ – ] thisisntme parent reply I'm still trying to figure out vidme. there is no videos that I can find of how to use it or how to set stuff up. it souls like there is a suscribe option for monthly payments for perks. I keep telling other small and big you tubers to start posting here also.
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