Stories of the hunt. Looking for comic books is fun.

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  • steelmax73 reply I'm a big fan of the original turtles books wouldn't mind more coverage of such books
  • Platypus67 reply WHAAAAT?!?! The FIRST LOBO?!?! I LOOOOOVE LOBO!!!Nihilistic FREAK he is!! Venom/deadpool crossover?! Never heard of; some us stuff is quite hard to get byover here in Europe... 😭😢😡😖
  • Platypus67 reply Really didn't know the turtles are still a thing...!! The SURFER was my absolute favorite figure when i was a child!!! I really like Greg Capüllo's style. Didn't he draw some of the first few issues of the WITCHBLADE? ... it's kind of a long time since these days. Great video btw.!
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