Avengers Epic Collection Book Review - Marvel Comics Trade Paperback

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  • [ – ] PauloCosta reply I have this in the old Essential (which goes up to #24). The first issues are OK, I guess. The first appearances of the Masters of Evil aren't as interesting, it was clear Stan Lee wanted an anti-Avengers just the X-Men had an anti-X-Men with Magneto's Brotherhood. However, I actually loved Kang's and Wonder-Man's first appearances, especially when you know what comes next for them. It's like Kang didn't really want to harm the Avengers, like he's testing them to become the worthy enemies they are destined to become. In the Essential, Kang's second appearance is pretty good. But that story in #23 and #24 so for that you'll have to buy the Epic Collection V2. Those stories will be more epic, more dramatic, you'll love them. #25 has a confrontation with Dr. Doom. To finish, I have to say that, even though Cap's Kooky Quartet after #16 is way down on power compared to the original team, those stories serve a lot better to portray the Avengers as a real team, a real fighting unit. Separa...moretely, they're nothing. As a team, they're The Avengers. Something bigger than themsleves.
    • ComicToyReviews parent reply True the Masters were like the Brotherhood it's funny how many ideas from the 1960s lasted and were good. Yet comics today most creators can't make any characters or stories of worth. Always liked Kang he was there version of Magneto to the X-men.
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