No, I Won't "Choose a Side" between the Far Left and Far Right; Neither Should You

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  • [ – ] Phobos_Media reply It helps to know others are going through this. LITERALLY everywhere I go on the internet or in public, I am unable to identify with anyone. I don't support antifa so I'm a racist bigot, and I don't support the alt right so I'm a race traitor and libtard cuck. Meanwhile I've been a registered independent since the day I could vote. Thinking for yourself, NOT PICKING A SIDE, is apparently the controversial thing to do these days. Certainly the most alienating.
    • Carolyn_Urania5 parent reply I am also a registered Independent voter and I lean libertarian on many issues. I am definitely an outsider/outlier. I have mostly kept my mouth shut and have flown below the radar throughout my employment tenure at a university. I am planning on leaving university employment within the year (can afford to w/ 24 years under my belt)--I cannot stand the social engineering bs as well as dealing w/ students (and staff!) who are ill-equipped to deal with the adult world. I, too, would rather not pick a side, I would rather the alt-right and antifa fight each other to the death while I am munching my popcorn in peace watching the melee unfold.
    • ScottStevenErickson parent reply I'm a member of an "Olympia rallies and protests" group on Facebook which has a hard left bias. Anymore I just use it as a way to keep tabs on what sort of crazy events are happening around town. I've given up participating in any of their discussions because it's so easy to be accused of being a traitor if you're not walking on eggshells around them. Someone recently made a post suggesting nonviolent responses to the rise of white supremacy, and he received over 100 vitriolic replies about how he was a Nazi sympathizer and MRA (it's a long story).
  • Thurisaz17 reply People don't realize what happens when you put a lid on a boiling pot of water. It boils over. Trying to suppress dissenting speech does the same thing. It builds up back pressure and lashes out. These idiots don't realize that they've created themselves through sheer irrationality. Now they stand there and pass victimhood back and forth because they're too weak to have their own principles and be an individual.
  • [ – ] SecretTrumpVoter reply Some say the Soros types WANT to tear apart society and set people against one another needlessly.
  • Auceza reply Styx is independent and thinks by himself. Nothing wrong with that.
  • FunkyMunky reply Join the left. We have puppies
  • FunkyMunky reply Join the right. We have cookies
  • NorthernRebel reply Well at least I know I am not the only feeling the same way.
  • NorthernRebel reply Thank God I am not alone and not the only one trying to use a different platform than YouTube. Both sides have collectively lost their minds.
  • [ – ] Aviziotv reply People who don't pick a side and try to stay independent are the ones who really get fucked over.
    • Forestal parent reply Or they could the only ones left to rebuild society-- after the partisans are done destroying each other...
    • Fullfasc parent reply Exactly. Pretty sure the people who did nothing during the Chinese civil war/ revolution are communists now. Let's also remember that the left started all this civil agitation.
  • [ – ] janecatherine reply I am curious, in a positive manner, where were you educated?
    • peacey parent reply I think he is an avid reader and has done an excellent job self-educating. The internet has so much more than cat vids, it's easy to keep learning and finding information about history, politics, or really ANY topic you can think of. I learned how to replace a burnt fuse in my truck myself instead of going to a shop and wasting money. :-)
  • TheAverageAirsofter reply Good to know I'm not the only one tired of the BS coming from the Alt-right. To be honest, their rhetoric is just as racist as, say, BLM with suggestions like stopping all non-white immigration. It's racist because people are being judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. We should care about the quality of the person applying for immigration to the Western World. It is also racist to assume white person= high quality. Here are some simple qualifiers when vetting a potential immigrant: can he/she speak English? If not, then he/she is immediately rejected. Does he/she have marketable skills? If not, he/she will be immediately rejected. Most importantly, does he/she hail from a culture and/or religion which values are contrary to our own? If not, then he/she will be absolutely rejected. *Sarcasm* Yes, I'm sure that fighting identity politics with more identity politics will help defuse the situation that the cultural Marxists have instigated. I'm st...morearting to think that these Alt-righters, while they do have some legitimate points to make (such as major demographic replacement), are simply emotionally weak. In other words, they don't just suck the anti-white racism up and move on with their lives. And I don't intend that statement as an insult. It's merely my analysis.
  • Alternatekek reply Extremest piss me off because one day I am a nazi, the other day I am a cuck XD
  • StonarLogic reply But if you don't pick a side then how will people demonize you when an individual on that side does something wrong?
  • stoejoe reply I will only be watching styx on Vidme from now on. Unless it's an interview that is not uploaded here.
  • 173 reply "People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use". - Soren Kierkegaard
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Good talk styx: thanks for being a voice for reason and compromise. On a side note: i just watched the lady in front of me (in a grocery store) buy 30 dollars of jello and cake from their desert bar on foodstamps
  • VybeyPantelonez reply extremes are unncecessary: all we need is the constitution.
  • Styphus reply Gotta keep your feet on the ground and eyes on the prize. Life as an ideological drone is filled with pointless arguments and self pitying, who needs that?
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply I have no use for communists or fascists. And when I say communists I don't mean socialists. And when I say fascists I don't mean progressive minded conservative rightists. I do consider myself a conservative both politically and socially, however, and I believe that Donald Trump is exactly the type of man the US needed to lead it.
  • Cyriu reply No Communist Spoon Clanking or Facist Spoon Clanking, but only Classic Free American ASMR Spoon Clanking. Fuck yeah!
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