Are you serious, Vidme? 50GB Storage Limit?

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  • Scratch_Paper_Games reply I'll be out of space in 2 months. Too bad. I hope they sort themselves out. I really like the format here.
  • [ – ] GregorianGangsta reply So I just joined today and I am hearing about all this nonsense....Should I even bother uploading videos if there is a limit? Why would there be a limit? You can only upload so much and then that's it?
    • [ – ] Sonic8000 parent reply You could try, while they did say only a small faction is affected that doesn't mean that new creators are safe from this. I can only guess that when you upload and you hit the 'limit' or get close to it they'll let you know. Just going to be on the safe side and say that it'll affect everyone.
      • GregorianGangsta parent reply Ugh this is annoying, I just signed up today and now this? I just emailed them. I don't really see a point in being a content creator here if you can only make a set number of videos and then....What? That's it? What is even the point of that?
    • CoffeeWithComment parent reply Maybe try less than HD quality for now til they get sorted out.
  • [ – ] FUNKANIC reply I also got the email and am uploading a video on the subject as I comment.
  • [ – ] holmen38 reply 50 GB is that so you have to change and update constantly, I know Storage cost money, but well.....
    • Sonic8000 parent reply It would've been nice for them to announce this beforehand instead of... y'know, letting it go this far. I understand that storage costs money and all but uploading videos without knowing you're way past the limit is just not fun. It was just out of the blue and who knows if there are other limits in place?
  • [ – ] MetalSoulStorm reply Yeah i had 204GB of videos on my Channel, i had to delete 101 videos to get under 50GB which doesn't bother me because i was duel uploading to Vidme and Youtube, so i didn't lose any of my videos, but i'm pretty much going to stop uploading videos to Vidme and going to do the wait and see approach to see if Vidme can sort out there site or if it end up like every other video Hosting site. This still sucks balls though that Vidme put a 50GB storage limit. pretty much blindsided everybody here on Vidme.
    • [ – ] Sonic8000 parent reply I still have the videos saved on my HDD thankfully since I have the space, and yes they indeed blindsided everyone here.
      • [ – ] MetalSoulStorm parent reply Glad to hear you didn't lose any of your videos man, and hopefully Vidme will realize what a terrible mistake the 50GB storage limit is for content creators.
        • Sonic8000 parent reply So... nothing has happened, no videos were removed and it's been pass the due date, so... maybe they changed their stance on this. Unless it prevents me from uploading a video or something.
        • [ – ] Sonic8000 parent reply I hope so as well, but seeing as only two days remain before the limit is official... yea.
          • AngryAlienGaming parent reply Damn That fucking sucks! And not to mention what the fuck did they do to the front page? Made it more like youtube! shit is ugly as fuck!
  • [ – ] AngryAlienGaming reply Hmm I have yet to see a limit in my video manager I only used closed to 2gb so far not a lot of content yet. That kinda sucks! 50gb aint shit for videos!
    • [ – ] SteelTitanium parent reply Yeah, 50GB is nothing for videos, since a 30 min video at 1080p can be 1GB, what was they thinking setting a storage limit, small one at that for a media platform.
    • Sonic8000 parent reply *Edit from my other comment.* The Storage Limit was mentioned in an email for some creators but I am going to say it'll apply for everyone even if you haven't gotten anything about it yet. While 2GB isn't a lot... what would you do when you reach said limit? And yes, 50GB isn't really a lot.
  • holmen38 reply 50 GB is that so you have to change and update constantly, I know Storage cost money, but well.....
  • [ – ] CoffeeWithComment reply I did not receive the email. Questions for you: 1. Do you think this has anything to do with the influx of political content creators fleeing youTube? 2. If yes, do you blame/hold a grudge/feel pissed off because of that?
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