Hara Kano part 9 Yuichi Meets His Grandfather For The First Time And Goes Inside A Large House

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  • [ – ] DarkJedi909 reply I don't really like Yuichi's grandfather. He's seems like he's being a prick towards Yuichi. ''Oh open the gate, big man.'' ''I know let's use the servant entrance instead.'' ''Wow granddad, you could have said that earlier.''
    • [ – ] Solitarygamer2 parent reply Yeah, he's a little mean to his own grandson.
      • [ – ] DarkJedi909 parent reply So far the granddad is doing is a piss poor job of being a granddad to Yuichi. And asking him to have a child early? He's just seems selfish to force his son to have a child early. Maybe he doesn't want a child yet, why force him to? What a shitty grandfather.
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