I Hate Birthdays - Irritable Life Syndrome

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  • JRPGNATION reply Well after seeing Matilda I feel old now. -_-
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply The rage is really heating up but the accent is keeping it cool. I really like your brand of rage videos, this was really cool to watch/listen to. I was laughing most for most of it. Guess we share the same level of humor. :3
    • Rawman parent reply wow thanks for the compliment and thanks also for the tip!!!! wow!! i really wanna do these types of videos again but honestly they take so long. funny thing is this one didnt take so long to make (about 45 mins compared to the 30+ hours of the super polished epsides 2, 3 and 4) so i might go back to this style. THANKS AGAIN!
  • Rawman reply @JRPGNATION OH YES!!! Finding the images REALLY showed me how old i am haha! i watched this when i was like 7 years old.
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