Brew Monks Game Night - Puzzle Agent #5

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  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Well the picture one was easy :) the red gnome and you are exactly in the middle of no where hahahah :D Yeah you got it :) I was trying to suggest you hahaha :D Very very nice :D
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply Is that an online game, if not, what game system? I want to try it.
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply That looks like a fun game. I might have to try that one. I like a laid back Mystery game versus, shottemups. :) So nonchalant about the dead lobster guy. I was thinking put him on the snowmobile and bring him to the hospital! LOL
    • TheBrewMonks parent reply Yeah not a bad game at all! Pleasantly surprised! lol the Lobster guy right! Worst agent ever.. "found a dead guy, I think I should leave him here, ignore it, and continue the investigation" lol thanks for watching! :)
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