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  • 8biteric reply sup man how you been
  • Elkplaysandpaints reply Man, I wish I knew about you back in 2008 when I made a Sonic X Abridged Series. YouTube was so cool back then. I'm excited to learn about Vidme though and I'm happy so many YouTubers are starting their exodus here. Good luck to you, pal.
  • Elkplaysandpaints reply Thanks @Chicknwings It's a bit sad I couldn't keep it going longer, but I moved on to better things. I'll be uploading those videos on this channel soon as an exclusive bonus to my viewers and revealing some special info about the series too
  • Chicknwings reply @Elkplaysandpaints Yeah I think I remember seeing your videos around youtube when I was still doing interviews. That's good that you did your own, and thanks for the watch!
  • Chicknwings reply @8biteric Not to much man, pretty much the same as usual for me. Currently trying to upload stuff frequently on here. You guys still on skype? Don't ever hear from everyone anymore, lol.
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