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  • [ – ] dancrivelli reply you should do a vlog on your long distance relationship
    • danielamann parent reply Yeah I probably will one of these days. She was here for the first month or so before heading back to school in my vlogs, so maybe in the next couple weeks it will become a topic of one of my vlogs. Thanks for the idea!!!
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Nice improvisation from your dad. It does look better with the DSLR. Long distance relationships are tough but I hope you and your girl have a happy valentines day.
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks again @theoldsparrow My dad is incredible and can build anything. From what I hear he has always been that way since he was a kid. I got the brains half but maybe not as much the hands on part (though I am improving). Hailey and I both have felt that struggle at times, but it just is the way it has to be for the next couple years. Once we make it through this (and we get our summers together) things will be a lot easier. Thanks for the kind wishes. Take care
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply How I wish I can get a dslr on my own... still a great vlog especially the timelapse scene also best wishes for the both of you at valentines day.
  • [ – ] Branbert reply Hey man I decided to check out your channel and I dig the vlogs. That mirror hack was awesome lol.
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks so much! Yeah I am super lucky to have a dad that is so hands on and crafty and that we were able to think up an idea and make something practical out of it! Thanks for stopping by!
  • [ – ] HowToShop reply great vlogs.. youre like the casey neistat of vidme! :)
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