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  • webetlc reply Gabe forgive me if this info is not 100% accurate (don't want to be know as fake news ) I've been doing research into this matter of our 1st Amendment Rights and what I'm reading doesn't look good for American citizens. Why? Slim-Shady Obummer gave the internet over to the U.N. witch does not recognize our US Constitution. Going to dig deeper for more info and going to ask question when I contact Y/T , DOJ, and White House about the unfair treatment of Patriots( Gabor Zolna ) who report current events and are being banned off of social platforms. This is going to take everyone of us to demand answers.
  • HELLTOPAY reply You knew it was coming. Why didn't you back up your work?
  • jfredfrog reply Yes Gabe, we have to contact our representatives and let them know that this is a big deal and there will be consequences at the next elections if they continue their indifference. Look forward to your website.
  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply Clinton Spin (Depends on the Defintion of IS is......) Fertilized Political Correctness and the Left's Narrative. We need a US Constitutional Correctness Network; Maybe The Trump Train might bring us all together for a Better America and World Wide Influence that you sir are a part of.
  • smidge_tv reply They did same thing to me . What a bunch of scumbags
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Please Sign Up For Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter Facebook & Youtube BREAKING: Twitter Censors Eric Trump Tweet Quoting Drudge's July Job Numbers Report
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Will Maxine Water's release her TAX return how did she afford these Million dollar homes on her salary. while the people of her riding suffer in complete poverty, live on garbage filled street. Mad Maxine: Maxine Waters The Movie Trump Supporters Party On Maxine Waters' Lawn
  • ClimatePonziLie reply California Elected Official's Staffers Call Police On Constituents: 25 Sheriffs Show UP!
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