YouTube Worries

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  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Darn youtube doing all these darn things!!!! This is why I joined vidme a year ago.
    • InaneDragon parent reply An earlier round of craziness is what led to me making this account, and this round has me taking vidme far more seriously. From here out, everything is getting launched on both networks within a day of each other.
  • spookyboo reply They are putting people out of business with their beta testing. It's sad.
  • TheMac reply The problems with Yt are not really worth dealing with. When I start making vids again, I wi go to and even Minds before I up load to Yt. I don't monetize because I do not wish for them to have any kind of handle on me. Many can not afford to take that attitude. I am hoping will work out well and will be investing some money to help that happen.
  • [ – ] InaneDragon reply That is yet another of the problems here. They've no real means of testing their ideas except to take them "live" and let the content creators take the hit when it doesn't work.
    • Lady_Unicorn_EJG parent reply Yeah that is a problem, it can't be tested very well except by use on the public. And yet something has to be done, because the free for all version of "free speech" produces the cesspools youtube comments are known for, what minds has become, and situations like terrorist recruitment videos being monetized and even some people refusing to report ANYTHING no matter how bad because they believe absolutely nothing should ever be prevented.
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