Bi-weekly Bullshit 8/7/17: 200 Days of Trump - Rate WE THE PEOPLE, and More!

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  • [ – ] AmandaAnderson_1 reply My view on thus is the soldiers aren't suffering from PTSD, it's Shell Shock period. This is what happens in every war before and now. Traumatic events of any nature can cause PTSD but what soldiers go through is different. I have PTSD not Shell Shock. The VA takes the public money and refuses to help soldiers coming back beyond giving them a cocktail of pills to deal with it.
    • [ – ] CoffeeWithComment parent reply Wow...I'm disappointed to hear they'd rather medicate than work with you. Do you think Trump's policies and strong support of veterans can help the VA move to providing better for combat vets?
      • AmandaAnderson_1 parent reply The psych community is this way. They come up with a new pill but not a new program or therapy. I'm not a vet but as having PTSD I've come across plenty and the comparison isn't there. This is what I have been given from first hand experiences. My older brother who served had a hernia surgery through the VA and to get out of paying for it they went as far as to try to say he never served. The VA has always just been the "damage control" for the government lack of attention to our soldiers. As for Trump's policies we will see. I don't trust anyone in government but he has his chance to do something beneficial so I hope it happens. There are many people to fire and it will take a long time.
  • mistrx reply well I don't know. but I'd say that the background shouldn't be disturbing and distract from the message. and listening to dance music while talking about such a serious issue as PSTD was really weird. try to find something calmer, neutral (if you actually need music at all - for me personally it isn't needed-I understand the format of political commentary and go for music elsewhere) make it more quiet and definitely don't make such a big differences in audio level - that is what MSM do with commercials. I hate it when e.g. I play video late night and it starts so loud I have to jump across room to turn it down. but I appreciate you came back. this wasn't meant to be destructive criticism - I like the content but the audio is killing it..
  • [ – ] mistrx reply don't have such a big difference in audio level for the intro (btw. the "music" in the whole show is terrible-if I wanted to listen to crap dance music I go somewhere else) and the main part of the video
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