The Reason Their IQ Is So Low Is...Exposure To Lead Paint

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  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply Fucking stop going on about lead paint already, it has been outlawed in America for over 40 years. The biggest contributor to airborne particles of lead were windows, from the friction of opening and closing. Try to find any projects that have windows dating that far back . Secondly, the simplest and most cost effective way to encapsulate lead paint is to, are you ready for this?, paint OVER it! & like magic the dangerous lead paint has been neutralized. Public housing has a paint schedule where the subsidized apartments are repainted every X numbers of years. I'd like to know who keeps using lead paint in the wilds of africa to cause the tribesmen to have the same lQs as retards. Oh wait, it must be the schools. What, the inner city schools have the same criteria & lesson plans as the suburban schools? Could it be the guards & police in the inner city schools that detract from the students ability to learn? That must be it, the police are disrupting the education of all those young ...moreblack minds in search of knowledge, just another symptom systemic racism.
    • cccccccccccoccc parent reply I read on the internet that Africans do badly at IQ tests because of the cultural bias and they don't know how to use pencils. However, on the same internet there's a video of a guy who did IQ tests for South African university students and the blacks had an average IQ of 85. Cream of the crop, culturally unbiased test, and they know what a pencil is. He didn't mention the lead paint though.
  • EllaAgrippa reply I'm liking this Vidme layout Devon. #BanLeadPaint
  • DangerZone reply Your intros and outros are my favourite parts of your videos.
  • santora1957 reply I was wondering when you'd get over here.
  • [ – ] Andy2 reply Lead paint is a massive problem affecting our nation. It's also the reason asians are smarter than whites; they not getting exposed to lead paint as much as whites.
  • frbe0101 reply Fuck you end it with deptch mode! That brings back memories!
  • frbe0101 reply Didn't we get rid of lead paint... so if this was the problem, it is fixed now.
  • cccccccccccoccc reply I was expecting to see the Richard Spencer version of that song at the end. And if there's anyone who can tell you why schools full of stupid people get bad results, it's him!
  • gabor_barbarian reply That chick is my dream girl, petite, flexible as fuck, stunning face/body, and ass length red hair. perfect.
  • Sotan_Slie reply Less of that horse shit intro is always a win :). Excellent video Devon keep up the good work.
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