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  • Onno_Vocks reply People of the Heath ~ heidevolk. Heathens were here long before the invading religions, Heathens will be here when they leave. Yes, I also think wiccans are posers, trying to be different merely for their own benefit. Heathen culture was so thoroughly destroyed and so diverse that it is easily misrepresented. Henig an.
  • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 reply Yes, this is the issue not many are willing to touch, although it's painfully obvious. ''heathens against hate'', ''eclectic and inclusive'' so called Pagan groups make me cringe literally, and don't get me started on SJW Wiccans and ''witches'' going as far as to '' hex'' President of USA ... Truly pathetic. But that is, I guess price of living in these tumultuous abd confused times....
    • Thornack parent reply so it is, the main vision people have on paganism is sad.... and some people who claim te be pagan (like most Wiccan like groups and like some music groups who are very childish and use "paganism" as some label in a more fantasy setting, then historical heritage.) color the term "Pagan" for those who don't know a single thing about it....
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