Top 5 Reasons Why Canada is The Best! @CrazyRocky

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  • Rawman reply That is actually a really good point... The stereotypes are actually pretty cool for you guys.
  • Wendiz reply LMAO! How cute! Keep dreaming!!!!!!!
  • SportSpirit reply Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 ftw!
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Hit me with any American stereotype and I'll agree with ya lol
  • DraxCat reply All I can say is, no bueno.
  • MisterHan2000 reply Hey, you missed free healthcare!
  • ScammerRevolts reply But Canada has protests for stuff that isn't even in their own country LOL you guys need to get ur shit right smh.
  • Top_Shelf_Ganja reply Thanks For Being A Great Canadian. :)
  • Top_Shelf_Ganja reply Happy Slave Day FROM Ontario..... BTW Canada is an SUB-CORPORATION TO THE USA EASILY RESEARCHABLE
  • umbysworld reply My favorite youtubers are Canadian. That's all I wanted to say.
  • Shut_Up_Buddy reply Poutine is absolutely amazing!!!!! Montreal does it best. I love the fact that I live pretty close. I love my igloo though. I have a nice one so my pet polar bear can sleep in my room. He protects my hockey pucks and maple syrup collection.
  • Jambit reply I hear alot of people saying we have bagged milk in Canada. I have lived in Canada 30 years and never have I ever seen bagged milk.
  • BrianAiya reply I WILL visit Canada one day!
  • NickOfTime reply "It is a Godesend. It was sent by God." THIS IS AMAZING.
  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply It's reality check time! So get to a safe space & hug that sled dog turned therapeutic canine companion. #5, that's what broke drunks/stoners order when in a diner at 3am. #4, it may snow? Hell it snows in the summer! #3, your flag needs an update. It should be all white to signify that not only have you given up your rights and freedoms, but have surrendered your country to not just the SJWs, but the islamic extremists as well. Maybe add a dried leaf lying in the bottom corner as a remembrance of what was. #2, the only stereotype of canadians that I'm aware of is that you're the most submissive white men on either American continent. #1, hockey. It's a game where 2 teams take turns slapping a puck to the opposing team's side of the rink(rink is the shortening of the word rinky-dink, which means small and insignificant), where it usually winds up behind the goal, where players from opposing teams will beat at it with sticks as if it was a rabid beaver. On occasion, thou...moregh mostly by accident the puck is actually directed towards a goal. The "goal" is a very small netted target that is "guarded" by a player who padded up as if he's going to be training velociraptors. Between what appears to be complete indifference towards aiming the puck at the goal, the Michelin man's retarded 1/2 brother's cock blocking the goal, and the general "OMG the puck's near me! I must slap it away!" mindset, scores of 1-0 are not uncommon. If the scoring was based on swatting the puck behind the goal, the totals would rival basketball scores. And finally, when a player has control of the puck for more than 8/10ths of a second, they will play that dump dump dump dump music in a vain attempt to have you believe that something might actually be 'aboot' to happen. Oh yeah, as it's a canadian sport all the violence has been outlawed (just like free speech), thus ruining the only possible reason to watch hockey for those moments when what you're really watching is having a commercial break. Hell hockey season has been cancelled in the past & nobody in America ever noticed. That information is only even known by Americans as it is sometimes used as a trivia question.
    • Jambit parent reply #1 Hockey is just as retarded as every other sport, and the nets are not small #2 Yup. #3 Definitely true #4 100% correct #5 Say what you want about drunks they piss me off, but leave the stoners and poutine the fuck out of this.
    • [ – ] Proto parent reply Buddy I hope you listened to what I said at the end, don't read into it too much. Cheers
      • yourvagismysafespace parent reply Thanks for reading and replying. Some years back(that was before the ultra liberal uptightness), I'd spend 2 or 3 long weekends a year up there. Amazing riding due to the scenery, cautious drivers & well maintained roads, the speed limits seemed pretty slow though. I did think that snow during July & August was a bit odd, but it kept those monster mosquitoes at bay.
  • Hoshi-Hana reply I love your points! :D Americans got nothing on you!
  • mintteamew reply That Canadian Tim Hortons’ poutine doughnut controversy though.
  • DGTLONE reply Happy 150th bro was a great day here . Awesome video watching it in my took while watching keep up the great work . Sorry i was late for this video . lol see what i did there . Peace bro
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I want to see what this poutine is (aka gravy fries :P) hopefully it will be in the vlog.
    • [ – ] Proto parent reply You've never had Poutine? and unfortunately I was just too damn busy to record a vlog. I will snipe a poutine for a vlog one time though
  • Wolfer reply Oh God here we go lol
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