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  • Megagon reply Good film! Though I'm going to leave some nitpicky stuff to help you out (us filmmakers gotta stick together lol) Take everything I say with a grain of salt because I have yet to make a full film since my Doctor Who fan film back in 2012 when I was in elementary school, but I've been making short videos since 2011 and onward. You did a lot of telling things through dialogue, we saw that her phone had no signal. If I was in a room and I got no phone signal, I wouldn't say it, I would just probably show frustration. Lots of unnecessary dialogue, got boring when they were talking about her life and such. Use time as a limiter for the character and create suspense with it. Didn't have too much of an eerie atmosphere that it was desperately trying to create, you didn't give any suspense. If it was 10 - 15 minutes instead of 5. You could have structured it like this (take this as a suggestion, not as me telling you how the story SHOULD have gone, take it as a way it could have been ...moremade better) : 0 - 5 minutes: Girl is in room, doesn't know where she is. She tries the phone. Maybe we see that she spends a couple of days, months in this room. No knock, just food appears when she wakes up. She needs a creative outlet, finds a notepad, starts drawing, showing she is a designer instead of telling it. Adds it to something meaningful in the story and shows how she is desperate. Introduce the time feature in this five minutes too, maybe a clock is counting down or something. 5 - 10 minutes: Now that we have an established world with rules, we can cause a twist. The door has a knock on it, she communicates with this mysterious man on the other side of the door who seems to know what's going on but he can't tell her. She knows how much time she has to make her decision to open the door, knowing how much time is left and not giving it just a random appearance. Now that's not a complete thing there, but just a couple of thoughts I had about the structure. Some stuff about the cinematography. The film was very grainy, either your ISO was too high or you didn't have a lot of light in the first place. Try introducing more light onto the scene. I haven't used them personally but I heard that clamp lights are good, you know the ones you see in your friend's dad's garage when they're working on something. They're like 10 bucks a pop so I think it would be worth a shot. If you are worried about atmosphere, just darken it later in color correction/grading. Apart from that, it was a cool film and I can't wait to see what you do in the future. Maybe we can collaborate on something sometime.
  • Seawolf25 reply reminds me slightly of an old video I was trying to make, I guess great minds really do think alike. I think this woman is in acoma. its her vs. her Subconous, "Joel". So the door and room is what she feels safe and her subconious is trying to get her out of it. to "wake up" so once she opens the door she "comes back".
  • MariaTheGerman reply I really really enjoyed this!!! It was cool to see what you can create and I cannot wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve! Really liked Maggie/Samantha's performance in this one as well! :)
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