Officer Webb Meets Mike BlueHair

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Accountability to maintain the peace and not escalate the situation. Are you a member of CopWatch, they film the police to ensure public safety and accountability. I've seen some of their videos on YouTube where people film the TSA Agents or Transit Authority in NYC. Too many of their agents don't know the law and seem to have a panic attack because their being filmed. But then again it's on YouTube which has become the electronic equivalent of CNN creating a narrative. I suspect a few know this but don't like to be filmed, so they try intimidation. I was close to a boarder and the flowers were in bloom, so I took a picture of the flowers. Of course they wanted to know what I took a picture of, I was still 1/2 mile away from the boarder and I didn't even see cops while taking the picture. They must of had a camera taking pictures of me, taking pictures of the flowers. My photography skills must be poor as I didn't get any references or compliments.
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