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  • [ – ] November_Fox reply just some constructive criticism, but you don't need to cut out every single pause in the video. It's ok to let some of the natural pauses stay. I can understand cutting out a part where you lose your train of thought or if a pause goes on for several seconds. I'm really interested in this beer, but I had a hard time watching it to the end, because the constant jump cuts every few seconds was very distracting.
    • [ – ] SINternetEntertainment parent reply I cut a lot of that out because I don't want my videos to be so long that no one will watch then. I want to say this was a 8 min video I got down to what it is. I will try to leave some of in for now on thank you for letting me know that.
      • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply In my opinion, I think an 8 minute video is acceptable. It's when Videos get to be 12+ minutes long that I start to question how badly I want to watch them.
        • [ – ] SINternetEntertainment parent reply I have cut down some 25 min video and go them down to 12 min. I have been watch my analytics and most people stop watching around the 2 to 3 min mark. So I try to cut out a lot of the pauses to shorten up my video and to take out my dog and kids noises. I don't know what I hate more the dog walking around and breathing hard or the tv in the background.
          • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply People probably quit watching around the two minute mark because they're annoyed by all the jump cuts. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm giving you my honest opinion. My suggestion is keep the dog/kid noises out, but there's no need to cut out your breaths or any pauses that are a second or two long. There is especially no need to have jump cuts in the middle of a sentence; much less multiple jump cuts in a sentence. If a sentence is that jacked up, just simply stop and say the sentence again.
            • [ – ] SINternetEntertainment parent reply I know your not try to be mean. I can use all the help I can get on making my videos better. I would put my dog outside but when I do that he goes crazy and start to bark then that start a whole more noises. My kids are something I just can't help it's life. I have been making videos for off and on for 3 years and even when I could edit out everything people would stay longer them about 3 mins. when I got a new computer with editing software I want to make all my video within that time limit. I don't know if all my video have the jumps in them. I just edit and get them up. What it the star by your name for? I have seen that before but I have only been on here for a little over a month too.
              • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply It means I'm a featured creator. Unless they've changed things, becoming a featured creator is something you just ask the Vidme staff for. Once you ask, they'll look at your channel and decide if you're worthy. I read about it when I was looking up how to get verified. So when I emailed them asking them to verify my account, I did a little "Hey, while you're at it, could you consider me for featuring?" To my surprise they approved me for both. Also, 3 minutes might be a bit too short. I do mostly beer reviews as well and most of my videos are 3-5 minutes. Also In most of those videos I'm a one man show. However, you have a partner, so the video will likely run even longer, because you need to allow time for their opinion as well. In a couple of my videos I collab with my wife. Those videos run longer for that exact reason. I'm not saying this in an attempt to get views, but perhaps you should check out some of my videos to see how I do things. Finally, with your permission I would li...moreke to bring my buddy Y2JayDoesAsia into the discussion to see what he has to say. He knows a lot about content creating and is always looking to help creators.
                • SINternetEntertainment parent reply That is awesome that you are a featured creator. I didn't see that when I started here. I do some video by myself just some of them is with my husband. Sometime he don't know how to stop talk and it drives me crazy sometime I have to cut him of or edit it out. I can go take a look at your video. Yes you can you buddy came talk with us. I like commenting.
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply Some thoughts on the video, Are you using a microphone? the audio is a bit echoey. It's not so bad that I wouldn't use it but, people want quality audio if they are going to watch for a long time (like... longer than a couple of minutes). They don't tell you this but it is actually a measurement metric for audience retention. I've found with some of my own videos that even when I do use a microphone, it still might echo based on the location. I try to avoid my kitchen because of this and I shoot videos outside when I can. That's also because often natural light looks better than incandescent lighting. You may want to consider if you have any other places you can make videos. I avoid places like kitchens like the plague because the hard surfaces of the walls and floor lead to echo. November Fox is right about the edits, I think you have way too many jump cuts in the video. It's very distracting to watch. I know what it's like fighting time and trying to keep it short, I'll tell you ...morehow I remedy this, I don't look only at the pauses in the video but also look at all the content in the video, everything I said. I've often found myself cutting out whole sentences, whole paragraphs, even an entire 1-2 minutes of talking because I found myself repeating the same points again and again. I call it ruthless editing. Being very self critical and asking myself... did I just repeat what I've already said 20 seconds ago? does this last 10 sec HAVE to be in the video? This is also a danger when making a video with a collaborator/partner. I have found you have to again be ruthless. If the other person says the exact same things you say... it's just repetition. I find it hard to watch Angry Joe Show's movie reviews on Youtube because of this, he gets 2 or 3 people in for every review and because everybody repeats the same points, the videos easily go half an hour. Finally to summ up, sticking to a list of bulletpoints can help too, sometimes I've written them down and hung them under the camera or something. Idea is to give your video a definitive direction and not stray off saying things you don't need to say. It's not a word for word script, bulletpoints are just the issue you need to cover for that video. Hope this helps.
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